People’s food waste behavior and what we can learn from them — a mini field study

38% of food waste in Sweden originated from households*

Img. 1 The breakdown of 4 weeks of the fieldwork process
Img. 2 Defining the project’s target group, their needs, product ideation, and the business benefit of the features if it’s adjacent to an already existing supermarket-based app.
Img. 3 Prioritization of hypotheses matrix to create the interview guides from
Img. 4 Screening survey of 13 questions as the basis of finding the sampling pool to interview
Img. 5 The discussion guide and the interview keycard for data breakdown
Img. 6 Card sorting exercise to help to explore users’ opinion on the potential solutions
Graphic 1. Demographic of the quantitative study
Graphic 2. Food waste behavior and shopping frequency result of the quantitative study
Img. 7 Interview coding
Img. 8 Pantry organization, self-rated as 3 out of 5 by an interviewee
Img. 8 Result from card sorting exercise defined by ‘Love it’, ‘Nice to have’, and ‘No’ responses

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